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Do Your Homework Before Meeting With a Lawyer

Do Your Homework Before Meeting With a Lawyer

No matter the type of your potential case, preparing a few items in advance of your meeting with a lawyer is usually very helpful.

1.  Chronology

Write a detailed version of your case story in time order – typically we refer to this as a chronology. Whereas when you telephone an attorney’s office and typically provide a brief summary version of the potential case, the chronology is an opportunity to document all the details.  Don’t just summarize meetings, conversations, etc. – be very specific and detailed in your account of the story and what happened. Because most of us like to read a story from start to finish – usually writing the chronology in time order is preferred

2.  Witness List

Separate from the chronology, take another piece of paper and write down the names of all persons who know something about your potential case. Do not talk to any of these people, but do also include contact information that you possess for them, who these people are, and what you think they know.

3.  All documents

Collect all documents in your possession and bring them to the meeting. Do not talk to other persons in gathering the documents.  Just collect the papers you already have in your possession. Don’t worry about the documents you don’t have; just concern yourself with the documents you do have.

4.  Medical Records

If your potential case involves injuries or medical issues, bring to the meeting any medical records in your possession. Sometimes obtaining such medical records can take time, so plan ahead and don’t necessarily expect you can just walk into a doctor’s office and expect to immediately receive your records.

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