Real Estate Litigation

Corren & Corren regularly represents individuals and businesses in a variety of real estate litigation matters, including disputes regarding title/ownership to property, fraudulent transfers, and disputes arising out of the purchase and sale of real property.

Below are some common real estate litigation disputes:

  • Transfers of property obtained by fraud or undue influence.
  • Failure to follow through with the purchase or sale of property after a contract was signed.
  • Property purchased by an individual; however, documents reflect a different person, often a family member, is the owner.
  • Issues with title to property that result in a title company’s refusal to issue title insurance in connection with an anticipated sale.
  • Disputes concerning claimed false statements and/or the failure to disclose known negative facts about a property in connection with a sale.

We also regularly represent individuals who wish to sell jointly owned property when a co-owner refuses to cooperate with the sale. Such actions are referred to as partition actions. Frequently, such cases include disputes regarding contribution of funds to the purchase and maintenance of the property, reimbursement rights, and the distribution of the sale proceeds. Here is a link to a more detailed discussion of partition actions.

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