Real Estate Litigation & Transactions

Corren & Corren regularly represents individuals and businesses in a variety of different real estate matters including title issues, litigation, landlord/tenant problems, contracts, and neighbor disputes.

Real estate litigation can involve a multitude of situations including the sale of property, eviction proceedings, property title problems, trespass and nuisance issues, and real estate finance matters.

The amount of paperwork involved with buying or selling property is testament to the very complicated nature of real estate transactions. And whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, sometimes it makes sense to consult and/or hire an experienced real estate attorney to help you with your transaction(s).

Unlike most civil litigation matters, eviction proceeding procedures involving landlords and tenants are fast tracked and specialized to allow property possession issues to get resolved in a timely manner. For example, most eviction matters involve a special notice mechanism which can sometimes resolve issues without the need for a lawsuit in a matter of days. And then if a landlord does require a lawsuit to evict a tenant, the amount of response time the tenant has is typically only five (5) days instead of the usual thirty (30) days for most civil litigation.

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