Professional License Defense

Corren & Corren regularly represents individuals and businesses in professional license matters including teachers, nurses, contractors, group home licenses, day care licenses, environment health licenses, health care professionals, etc..

Often times, the government licensing entity conducts an investigation before making a licensing determination or considering the possibility of taking discipline against a licensee. In other situations, the government licensing entity takes immediate disciplinary action and then provides the licensee with a right to a hearing.

Nevertheless and no matter the particular details or government process involved, our office zealously defends individuals and businesses in all kinds of different situations in which a license is at stake. Sometimes, we are able to resolve these situations at the investigation stage. Other times, the only way to obtain resolution of these cases is at a hearing.

Hearings in these matters usually come in two basic types of forms: informal hearings and formal hearings. An informal hearing usually is similar to a group interview in which representatives from the government licensing entity ask questions of the licensee in an informal board room type setting. Whereas, a formal hearing usually involves an administrative law judge and is similar to a trial type setting.

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