Employment Law

While Corren & Corren has experience and expertise in a multitude of different practice areas, our law firm places a special emphasis on employment law. We regularly represent both employees and employers in a wide variety of employment matters including the following:

In 2014 alone, our office won three different employment cases at trial:

  1. After 3 years of litigation and a week long trial, our Plaintiff client was awarded all of his requested lost wages, interest on the lost wages, and waiting time penalties in accordance with an employment contract with his former employer Defendant.
  2. In a complicated wage and hour case involving twelve different legal theories, our office first successfully defeated Plaintiffs’ attempts to obtain class and collective certification pursuant to both California and federal law. After 4 years of litigation and a 3 week trial, our Defendant client then won a complete victory as to every legal theory and was ordered to pay nothing.
  3. In a breach of contract case against Winco, our Plaintiff client was ordered reinstated to his former job and recovered all of his lost wages, lost employment benefits, and interest after being wrongfully terminated and out of work for approximately 18 months.

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