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My Boss is a Jerk! But is it Illegal?


So, your superior at work treats you horribly.  If this is you, I am sure some of the following thoughts have crossed your mind: “Something isn’t right about this.  This seems wrong.  Shouldn’t this be illegal?” 

This article is inspired by the numerous calls we receive regarding this very issue.  The start of the typical call goes something like this: “My boss is harassing and discriminating against me.”  To some callers’ surprise, the question that follows is “Why do you think your boss is harassing or discriminating against you?” This question is extremely important because the answer will determine whether or not the superior’s conduct might be illegal.  While some employees might believe a bad boss, a rude supervisor, or a yelling manager constitutes illegal harassment or discrimination, the reality is that such conduct is usually only illegal if motivated by a limited and specific set of reasons.

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